Since our foundation in 1993, we have tried to improve the quality of our works. From the construction process which is the visible result of our efforts, to social responsibilities of loyalty and respect to all parties who are participated in this field such as clients, engineers and workers.

As a result of quality, we became more specialized in exposed concrete surfaces which asks obsession in accuracy.

Exposed concrete have a deep root in modern architecture history and is a symbol of honesty in material which provides elegance and brutal (rigor) at the same time.

But our proficiency is not limited to exposed concrete, as we have wide range of projects in resume. Construction of whole buildings, structural designing, consultancy, detail designing, interior and concrete furniture and other services are provided in Tandis Ara Engineering  group.

We always welcome unique works of designers, specific details and structures and unusual methods of construction.


manager tandisara

Ataa Sadeghinejad


Current position: Co founder and Managing director of Tandis Ara Engineering Group

Managing Director of Tandis Ara ye Noor Engineering Company under Registration No.3481
In charge of Engineering Office No.203 of Tehran Province (office of professional establishments of the Ministry of Housing & Urban Planning)
Competent Supervisor Engineer and calculator and executor, first grade, of engineering system office of Lavasan and Roodbar Ghasran, having engineering engagement license No.10-300-21391 of Housing and Urban Planning Organization of Tehran Province
Member of Engineering System Organization of Tehran Province under No.10-3-0-32556
Member of Iran MBA
Member of INRC
Natural member of ICA


Grand Memar award

Grand Memar award

Memari magazine award

Grand Memar award

Grand Memar award